{"9":{"name":"Association Relive - Relationships Free From Violence","city":"Florence","country":"Italy","description":"Officially founded in 2014, Relive is the first Italian network of perpetrators\u2019 programmes. The 9 founding members, all organisations working with perpetrators of gender-based violence, worked as an informal network for more than a year developing our guidelines before the official founding of Relive.","website":"http:\/\/www.associazionerelive.it\/#","dbRefUri":null},"10":{"name":"Associazione Senza violenza","city":"Bologna","country":"Italy","description":"

Programme for perpetrators of domestic violence.<\/em><\/p>","website":"http:\/\/www.senzaviolenza.it\/","dbRefUri":null},"12":{"name":"Azienda Usl di Modena","city":"Modena","country":"Italy","description":"Founded in Modena in 2011, the \u201cLiberiamoci Dalla Violenza \u2013 Free from Violence\u201d Centre is located within a Family counselling centre of the Local Health Unit in Modena. \r\nIt is the first experimental public centre in Italy belonging to public Health Care services. Its goal is to protect women and minors by helping male perpetrators stop their violent and abusive behaviour. The centre is a reliable point of reference for gender-based violence, and it aims at providing an adequate support to victims of violence. The staff are developing a network with local bodies and associations that work in the field of social and health care. In addition, the LDV Centre offers training opportunities for professionals and supports the creation of new centres around the country.","website":"http:\/\/www.ausl.mo.it\/flex\/cm\/pages\/ServeBLOB.php\/L\/IT\/IDPagina\/1","dbRefUri":null},"15":{"name":"C.A.M. Centro di Ascolto Uomini Maltrattanti","city":"Florence","country":"Italy","description":"Founded in 2009, the Centro di Ascolto Uomini Maltrattanti (CAM) is the first Italian perpetrator program. Over the years CAM has been working to develop high quality perpetrator programmes in different regions of Italy, national standards and trainings for professionals interested in working in the field.","website":"http:\/\/www.centrouominimaltrattanti.org\/","dbRefUri":"https:\/\/www.work-with-perpetrators.eu\/resources\/programme-database\/IT_CECE"},"70":{"name":"CIPM","city":"Milan","country":"Italy","description":"The Italian Centre for the Promotion of Mediation (CIPM: Centro Italiano per la Promozione della Mediazione) was founded in March 1995 in Milan by a group of criminologists, sociologists, social workers and judges. CIPM played a pioneering role in introducing restorative justice practices and treatment of GBV offenders and victims in Italy. CIPM aims to prevent violence and manage its effects via an integrated and interdisciplinary model of criminological intervention. With regard to primary prevention, it conducts social cohesion and educational activities. In terms of secondary prevention, it implements treatment programs for perpetrators to prevent re-offending, particularly in the areas of sexual violence, intimate partner \/domestic violence. Moreover, it carries out interventions to support victims of crime and implements restorative justice projects. The team is multidisciplinary and includes criminologists, psychologists, psychotherapists, social workers, educators, lawyers and other professionals. CIPM is a founding member of the Relive Network (Relations Free from Violence) and of Contras.TI (National Coordination on Treatment and Research on Sexual Aggression, Italian Testimonies).","website":"https:\/\/www.cipm.it\/","dbRefUri":null}}