{"6":{"name":"Association for Men\u2019s and Gender Issues (AMGI)","city":"Graz","country":"Austria","description":"The Association for Men\u2019s and Gender Issues (AMGI) is an NGO in the province of Styria, Austria, running counselling centres for men, working with men and male youth with violent behaviour. They are also active doing gender-related work with male youth, as well as, violence prevention work, and research on men, masculinities and gender issues.","website":"http:\/\/www.vmg-steiermark.at\/","dbRefUri":null},"34":{"name":"Institut f\u00fcr M\u00e4nnergesundheit Salzburg","city":"Salzburg","country":"Austria","description":"The \"Institut f\u00fcr M\u00e4nnergesundheit Salzburg\" is a counselling and information centre for men. The organisation works with men and male youth with violent behaviour (assigned and voluntary perpetrators). Additionally, they are active in violence prevention for men, young men and male youth by offering workshops.","website":"https:\/\/www.maennergesundheit-salzburg.at","dbRefUri":"https:\/\/www.work-with-perpetrators.eu\/resources\/programme-database\/AT_DIIN"},"35":{"name":"M\u00e4nnerberatung Wien","city":"Vienna","country":"Austria","description":"The \"M\u00e4nnerberatung Wien\" is a counselling centre which offers psychological, psychotherapeutic, social and legal assistance, as well as a wide range of information and training opportunities on all sorts of topics that concern men today. \r\nAdditionally, they offer special programmes and counselling for young people, LGBTIQ, fathers or compulsory parental counselling in case of mutual divorce.\r\nUnder the umbrella of men's counseling, the Institute for Forensic Therapy offers, among other things, anti-violence groups, training for nonviolent education or psychotherapy with sexual offenders.\r\n","website":"http:\/\/www.maenner.at\/","dbRefUri":null},"47":{"name":"Domestic Abuse Intervention Centre","city":"Vienna","country":"Austria","description":"In each province of Austria there is at least one Domestic Abuse Intervention Centre (also called Centres for Protection against Violence\/ Gewaltschutzzentrum). These centres were established in order to assist victims within the framework of police barring orders for perpetrators of domestic violence. Intervention Centres offer free support and counselling services. Every victim of domestic violence and stalking is welcome.","website":"https:\/\/www.interventionsstelle-wien.at\/","dbRefUri":null},"51":{"name":"Neustart","city":"Vienna","country":"Austria","description":"NEUSTART is an Austrian association founded in 1957. They offer services throughout the country. NEUSTART focuses on dealing with the causes for criminal behaviour and offers resocialization assistance for offenders. The organisation works on de-escalation and constructive conflict settlement, prevention, help and support for victims. ","website":"https:\/\/www.neustart.at\/at\/en\/","dbRefUri":null},"76":{"name":"Umbrella Organisation for Victim-Support-Focused Perpetrator Work \/ Dachverband Opferschutzorientierte T\u00e4terarbeit","city":"Graz","country":"Austria","description":"The Umbrella Organisation for Victim-Support-Focused Perpetrator Work (Dachverband Opferschutzorientierte T\u00e4terarbeit, DV-OTA) is a non-profit association consisting of victim\/survivor support services (violence protection centers, women's shelters, child protection) as well as perpetrator programmes (men's counseling, NEUSTART, counseling centers for violence prevention) that cooperate in various OTA projects.","website":"https:\/\/dv-ota.at\/","dbRefUri":null}}