{"5":{"name":"Asociatia Obsteasc\u0103 \u201cArtemida\u201d","city":"Drochia","country":"Moldova","description":"The mission of the association is to ensure the promotion and protection of young people, pregnant women, mothers with children, victims of domestic violence by providing alternative reintegration services for victims of domestic violence and family aggressors in order to reduce the incidence of domestic violence cases, and to prevent and combat domestic violence in Moldova. \r\nThe Public Association Artemida supports a human rights approach and promotes change at individual, community and systemic levels.\r\nThe strategy of the organization includes the following strategic objectives: \r\n1. Organizational development, strengthening the institutional framework and the capacities of different groups of specialists in order to ensure an effective response to domestic violence cases, a component part of the National Referral System for Victims Protection and Assistance.\r\n2.\tEmpower women by ensuring their access to specialized social, psychological and legal services, especially for women who are victims of domestic violence or who are at risk.\r\n3. The development of services through rehabilitation programs of family aggressors in order to accountability family aggressors for the consequences of violent behavior in the family, their information and education through programs on the responsibilities, risks of family violence and the security of family members. \r\n4. Another strategic objective is the creation of a training center for specialists who will provide services for family aggressors in order to extend the services for abusers in other districts of the Republic of Moldova.\r\n","website":"http:\/\/artemida.md\/en\/artemida\/","dbRefUri":"https:\/\/www.work-with-perpetrators.eu\/resources\/programme-database\/MD_ASAR"}}