{"4":{"name":"Association of Citizens \u201cBuducnost\u201d","city":"Modrica","country":"Bosnia and Herzegovina","description":"The Association of Citizens \u201cBuducnost\u201d is a non-governmental organization established in 1996.\r\nIn addition to lobbying and advocacy, \u201cBuducnost\u201d works on prevention of domestic violence and protection of survivors, supporting women in public and political life, raising awareness of women and the general public about their rights as well as various other deviant behaviors and problems in society, with the overcoming of ethnic barriers and contributing to the peace building process in Bosnia and Herzegovina. \r\nMain activities are: protection of human and social rights; education of citizens especially women and youth, prevention of violence against women and children in cooperation with relevant institutions and bodies through the provision of legal services and advocacy: SOS lines, safe house - shelter for women and children; psychosocial work with perpetrators and educational work with young boys; emotional, psychological and humanitarian support; humanization of relations between the sexes; improving health care for women; humanitarian work to support and assist disadvantaged individuals and groups.","website":"http:\/\/www.buducnost-md.org\/","dbRefUri":"https:\/\/www.work-with-perpetrators.eu\/resources\/programme-database\/BA_MEAS"},"48":{"name":"Vive Zene - Tuzla, Citizen Association","city":"Tuzla","country":"Bosnia and Herzegovina","description":"Vive Zene is a non-governmental organisation established in 1994 during the war, supported by women from Dortmund, Germany. The main focus is on pscho-social assistance and support to victims of war, torture and vioelence, and to strengthen the capacity of other organisations and institutions and represent a multidisciplinary, democrativ and participatory approach in working with traumatized families and individuals. With their multi-disciplinary team, Vive Zene provides an effective psychosocial support through treatment family therapy, individual and group psychotherapy, medical care, social and legal consultation and teaching, in the center and community.","website":"http:\/\/vivezene.ba\/","dbRefUri":"https:\/\/www.work-with-perpetrators.eu\/resources\/programme-database\/BA_VITR"}}