{"40":{"name":"Pracownia Psychologii","city":"Wroclaw","country":"Poland","description":"Dorota Dyjakon, doctor of psychology, director of the Institute of Psychology of the University of Lower Silesia, psychotherapist certified by the Polish Federation of Psychotherapies and European Psychotherapist Certificate (ECP), cooperates with many centers dealing with psychotherapy, including Institute of Health Psychology, Wroclaw Health Center, Polish Institute of NLP. Member of the Polish Federation of Psychotherapy, Polish Association of Neuro-Linguistic Psychotherapy, Polish Society for Research on Trauma and Work with Perpetrators European Network. She trains and conducts supervision for psychotherapists working with victims and perpetrators of domestic violence. ","website":"","dbRefUri":null},"75":{"name":"DROGA","city":"Olsztyn","country":"Poland","description":"DROGA initiates and supports social and health policy activities in social integration, health, social work, prevention and treatment of addiction, particularly for high-risk groups.\r\nThe association carries out activities for people in need in the prevention and reduction of domestic violence, promotion of gender equality, and support for people at risk of social exclusion. The organisation helps victims of violence by organising activities in the form of support groups. DROGA conducts groups with perpetrators of violence, people addicted to alcohol and drugs, and co-addicted people. Activities also include offering treatment for behavioural addictions (internet) and conducting socio-therapeutic classes for children and adolescents from families with alcohol problems or domestic violence. The association also does training for institutions dealing with violence and addictions (health care, schools, police, etc.). Last but not least, DROGA provides shelters for victims of domestic violence.","website":"http:\/\/stowarzyszeniedroga.com.pl\/","dbRefUri":null}}