{"31":{"name":"Interactie Academie","city":"Antwerp","country":"Belgium","description":"Founded in 1971, the Interactie Academie is an institute for systemic theory and practice. They offer various courses and trainings, focusing on assistance, work and organisation questions and mediation. Their programmes are aimed at people who work in the non-profit sector and with various authorities. In addition to the training center, the institute has a group practice for therapy, coaching, mediation and supervision. The Interactie Academie is also the publisher of a trade journal: the \"Systeemtheoretisch Bulletin\".","website":"http:\/\/interactie-academie.be\/","dbRefUri":null},"42":{"name":"Veilig Thuis Family Justice Center","city":"Antwerp","country":"Belgium","description":"Veilig Thuis is the umbrella organisation for initiatives in various Flemish regions that focus on preventing violence in families and supporting direct and indirect survivors of violence (e.g. child witnesses of domestic violence).\r\nThe goals of Veilig Thuis are stopping violence and preventing repetition of violence. Veilig Thuis is a form of cooperation between services that work with families where there is violence. Permanent partners are the police, the public prosecutor's office, Centrum Algemeen Welzijnswerk (CAW), youth protection, OCMW. The various regions have different partners and approaches according to their needs.","website":"https:\/\/fjc-veiligthuis.be\/antwerpen\/","dbRefUri":null}}