{"8":{"name":"Association NAIA","city":"Targovishte","country":"Bulgaria","description":"Association \"NAIA\" is an NGO, situated in Targovishte, Bulgaria. NAIA provides programmes for the support of victims of domestic violence, programmes for the work with perpetrators of domestic violence and programmes for the prevention of violence. ","website":"http:\/\/www.naia-tg.com\/","dbRefUri":null},"14":{"name":"Bulgarian Gender Research Foundation","city":"Sofia","country":"Bulgaria","description":"Th Bulgarian Gender Research Foundation (BGRF), founded in 1998, is an international centre of professionals in the field of gender equality, anti-discrimination law, domestic violence and reproductive rights. The team consists of lawyers, academics, experts in advocacy, and education who monitor violations of human rights, network and lobby for legislative changes, and prepare publications.","website":"http:\/\/www.bgrf.org\/?lang=11","dbRefUri":null},"55":{"name":"Alliance for Protection from Gender- Based Violence","city":"Varna","country":"Bulgaria","description":"The Alliance for Protection from Gender- based violence is a unique network of independent NGOs working in solidarity for preventing and combating all forms of violence against women and children- through integrated services for victims, work with perpetrators, suggesting legislative changes, providing education and training and through coordinated efforts with institutions and other stakeholders. The organisation works for attaining the highest possible standards for protection of the rights of victims and all those at risk of violence, in compliance with regional and universal standards, namely with CEDAW and the Istanbul Convention.","website":"http:\/\/www.alliancedv.org\/","dbRefUri":null}}