{"1":{"name":"Agredis.ch, Gewaltberatung","city":"Luzern","country":"Switzerland","description":"Agredis is a non-governmental counselling centre for assigned and voluntary perpetrators. The staff work with men and male youth with violent behaviour, are active in gender-reflexive work with men, violence prevention and organise educational workshops for adults and organisations.","website":"http:\/\/agredis.ch\/","dbRefUri":null},"28":{"name":"FVGS Fachverband Gewaltberatung Schweiz","city":"Bern","country":"Switzerland","description":"FVGS exists since 2010 as an organisation with the aim to support professional counselling for perpetrators. The association promote the exchange and postgraduate training for members, lobby on the national level and inform the public about domestic violence and the work with abuser","website":"http:\/\/www.fvgs.ch\/","dbRefUri":null}}