{"23":{"name":"Diakonie of the ECCB","city":"Prague","country":"Czech Republic","description":"The Diakonie in Prague offers social care services to persons in need, in difficult and crisis situations. SOS centrum daily crisis service provides therapeutic programmes for perpetrators of domestic violence, and a programme for couple's therapy for cases of mutual partner violence.","website":"http:\/\/www.nasilivevztazich.cz\/en\/","dbRefUri":null},"32":{"name":"League of Open Men (LOM)","city":"Prague","country":"Czech Republic","description":"The League of Open Men (LOM) promotes the quality of men's lives through supporting gender equality from men's perspectives. Among other issues, LOM focuses on violence prevention in close relationships (Men Against Violence Towards Women and Children Project). Additionally, LOM offers individual counselling and group therapy to men who have anger issues and perpetrate violence against women and children. The organisation also runs the White Ribbon Campaign Czech Republic.","website":"https:\/\/ilom.cz\/","dbRefUri":null}}