{"20":{"name":"CLMB - Counselling Line for Men and Boys","city":"Tirana","country":"Albania","description":"The Counselling Line for Men and Boys is the first programme for perpetrators in Albania established by the Counselling Line for Women and Girls, the national hotline for victims of domestic violence. They are dedicated to offering counselling to perpetrators, as well as prevention and educational activities to help create a community in which violence is not tolerated. The organisation works on violence prevention with young boys in schools and community, as well as on research.","website":"http:\/\/www.hotlinealbania.org\/","dbRefUri":null},"49":{"name":"Woman to Woman (WtW)","city":"Shkoder","country":"Albania","description":"Woman to Woman (WtW) works in the field of protection of human rights, focusing on the rights of women and girls. In 2014, WtW established the Counselling Centre for Men and Boys (ZDB) to contribute to the reduction of domestic violence and safety of the victims by offering specialised services to perpetrators.","website":"http:\/\/gruajatekgruaja.org\/","dbRefUri":null},"78":{"name":"Quendra Psiko-Sociale Vatra \/ \u201eVatra\u201c Psychosocial Center","city":"Vlore","country":"Albania","description":"\u201eVatra\u201c Psychosocial Center is an Albanian nonprofit organisation that provides services and expertise for the prevention and protection of victims of trafficking and violence in the family and society. \u201cVatra\u201d Psychosocial Center started its activity in 1999. \r\nOur mission is the prevention of trafficking in human beings and violence in society, protection and social inclusion of the victims of these phenomena through information, education and advocacy programmes and residential and community social services. The target groups supported by \u201cVatra\u201d Psychosocial Center include anybody in need, especially women, girls, young people and children.","website":"http:\/\/www.qendravatra.org.al","dbRefUri":null}}