{"26":{"name":"Estonian Women's Shelters Union","city":"Tallinn","country":"Estonia","description":"The Estonian Women's Shelter Union is an open and democratic form of cooperation between women's associations aimed at shaping common positions of women in important social issues and in dialogue with the public authorities to promote participatory democracy and equality between women and men.\r\nThe union follows the goals set by the Beijing Platform for Women of the 4th World Conference on Women in achieving women's rights and achieving equality between women and men and the goals and principles of the Council of Europe, the European Union and the EWL (European Women's Lobby).","website":"http:\/\/www.enu.ee","dbRefUri":null},"61":{"name":"NGO VAITER","city":"Tallinn","country":"Estonia","description":"NGO VAITER was founded in January 2018. The organisation provides social and healthcare services, as well as therapy. Aditional activities include support groups, trainings and domestic violence prevention work. Thanks to NGO VAITER, the intervention programme \"Caring Dady\" is being implemented in Estonia, Latvia and Slovenia.","website":"http:\/\/www.vaiter.ee","dbRefUri":null},"73":{"name":"Republic of Estonia Social Insurance Board","city":"Talinn","country":"Estonia","description":"The Renouncing Violence Support Service was established in 2020 within the Estonian Social Insurance Board Victim Support and Prevention Services department. The service provides initial assessments and psychosocial counselling to perpetrators, mainly in the context of intimate partner violence and parental violence towards underage children. We closely cooperate with victim support services, police, prosecution, local councils and private perpetrator programmes, and individual psychological interventions. The service also contributes to awareness-raising about violence in general and the importance of providing interventions for perpetrators.","website":"https:\/\/www.sotsiaalkindlustusamet.ee\/en","dbRefUri":null}}