{"21":{"name":"Conexus","city":"Barcelona","country":"Spain","description":"Associaci\u00f3 CONEXUS. Atenci\u00f3, Formaci\u00f3 i Investigaci\u00f3 Psicosocials consists of psychologists with long careers and broad experience in caring for people in family, social and health care environments as well as in training professional teams and in research.\r\nCONEXUS\u2019s aim is to improve the welfare and health of people, especially those in situations of difficulty, crisis, violence or inequality.\r\nThrough psychosocial care to women, men, children and teenagers the organisation promotes the improvement of affective and family relationships; healthy, egalitarian lifestyles, and the eradication of violence.\r\nCONEXUS also trains professionals, companies and institutions in these issues and produces theoretical and applied research in order to improve intervention and expand knowledge.","website":"http:\/\/www.conexus.cat\/index.php?lang=eng - - \"CONEXUS Website\"","dbRefUri":null},"69":{"name":"Contexto","city":"Valencia","country":"Spain","description":"Contexto\u00ae is a research, training and intervention program with intimate partner violence perpetrators that has been implemented at the University of Valencia since 2006 by a coordinated team of researchers and professionals. The research carried out in Contexto\u00ae is mainly focused on the design and evaluation of the effectiveness of intervention strategies, as well as on the analysis of the main risk factors and intervention needs of the program participants. In Contexto\u00ae, highly specialized training in intervention with perpetrators is provided and the team participates and regularly organizes scientific meetings to disseminate research results, as well as seminars and conferences. As an intervention program, Contexto\u00ae works both with men court-mandated, as well as with self-referred participants. ","website":"https:\/\/www.programacontexto.org\/","dbRefUri":null}}