{"27":{"name":"FMS - The Federation of Mother and Child Homes and Shelters","city":"Helsinki","country":"Finland","description":"The Federation of Mother and Child Homes and Shelters, founded in 1945, is a nationwide child welfare organisation, that helps children and families in difficult and insecure situations and prevents domestic violence.\r\nThe Federation is the central organisation for its member associations throughout Finland. The members maintain 10 mother and child homes, six homes focusing on treatment of drug and alcohol-related problems and 11 shelters. Work with perpetrators is done by 16 member associations.","website":"http:\/\/www.etkl.fi","dbRefUri":null},"41":{"name":"Psychotherapy Training and Research Centre, University of Jyv\u00e4skyl\u00e4","city":"Jyv\u00e4skyl\u00e4n","country":"Finland","description":"The centre's research on psychotherapy and treatment processes has focused mainly on qualitative process analyses and on outcome studies. Another area of stuy is the effectiveness of a contextual behavioural science approach (i.e. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, CBT, Functional Behavioural Analysis) and of the Open Dialogue approach for severe mental health problems, such as psychosis and major depression. \r\nQualitative process studies using discursive, narrative and dialogical methods of analysis are performed in treatments undertaken here. These include individual, as well as couple and family therapy processes and groups, especially those for male perpetrators of violence.","website":"https:\/\/www.jyu.fi\/edupsy\/fi\/laitokset\/psykologia\/en\/research\/research-areas\/psychotherapy\/projects\/mens-group","dbRefUri":null},"72":{"name":"Unbeatable Line Espoo","city":"Espoo","country":"Finland","description":"Unbeatable Line in Espoo is a non-profit organization founded in 1979. The organization is intended to help victims of physical and mental violence who have been subjected to or witnessed intimate partner or domestic violence, and to propose an alternative to violence program and follow-up support to perpetrators who have used or fear of using violence in their close or family relationships. The organization develops and implements various procedures to meet these goals and also to prevent domestic violence. The organization operated a women\u2019s shelter from 1983-2012. The service provided both shelter and psychosocial support.\r\nThe Unbeatable Line service for perpetrators launched in 1993 in Espoo. The Men\u2019s Line program for immigrant men started in 2005. Men\u2019s Line service does both preventive work and provides an intervention program for domestic violence perpetrators. Men\u2019s Line also organizes integration groups to the Finnish society.","website":"https:\/\/www.lyomatonlinja.fi\/fi\/","dbRefUri":null}}