{"59":{"name":"FNACAV","city":"Paris","country":"France","description":"The National Federation of Associations and Centers for the Care of Perpetrators of Domestic and Family Violence (FNACAV), founded in 2003, fight against domestic and family violence. To do this, it brings together associations throughout all of France. recently, FNACAV expanded into Belgium.\r\nThe missions of the federation are:\r\n\u2022 knowledge and practice exchange between members\r\n\u2022 research\r\n\u2022 awareness raising\r\n\u2022 interventions with public authorities\r\n\u2022 offering an orientation to perpetrators of violence in search of services","website":"http:\/\/www.fnacav.fr","dbRefUri":null},"68":{"name":"Psytel","city":"Paris","country":"France","description":"Psytel is a nonprofit organisation founded in 1994. It is a cooperative of independent expert working in the field of health information systems and in the field of injury prevention, including violence against children, adolescents and women. Psytel experts do research on those using intimate partner violence, mainly in EU projects.","website":"http:\/\/www.psytel.eu","dbRefUri":null}}