{"3":{"name":"Anti-Violence Network of Georgia (AVNG)","city":"Tbilisi","country":"Georgia","description":"The Anti-Violence Network of Georgia (AVNG) has been working on domestic violence issues nationally since 2003. The organisation provides legal consultation and psycho-social rehabilitation to survivors of domestic violence. AVNG has 9 regional committees and 5 sub-committees throughout Georgia.","website":"http:\/\/avng.ge\/","dbRefUri":null},"64":{"name":"Union Women Center Georgia","city":"Tbilisi","country":"Georgia","description":"Union Women Center (UWC), with special ECOSOC Status at the UN, work in the area of domestic violence prevention, victim protection, research and policy dialogue, Additionally, UWC is active in the health sector, lesgislation, supports the government with the national action plan, and the police, as well as social workers, government employees and other NGOs, with training programmes. Other areas of work include licensing and re-certifying health care providers, screening for impacts of domestic violence on children and pregnant victims. UWC operates a medical center that provides services to victims.","website":"http:\/\/www.womancenter.org.ge","dbRefUri":"https:\/\/www.work-with-perpetrators.eu\/resources\/programme-database\/GE_UNEN"}}