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Needs of South-eastern Europe and expectations towards WWP EN

As a young professional, I believe that one of the important issues with regards to perpetrator programmes in our region is having the opportunity for knowledge exchange and training on how effectively to work with perpetrators, how to prepare for the pitfalls and how to overcome the difficulties. Working with violent men is a great challenge and requires a lot of dedication, motivation and the belief that change is possible. Therefore, the support of the more experienced professionals in this field, in terms of providing valuable advises and understanding is very important. In my opinion, only support between professionals and having a strong network would help us to develop as mental health providers, and be strong to overcome various difficulties we face with legislation, funding, and sometimes with feelings of despair when change doesn't appear to happen as fast as we would wish to.

I would like also to stress on the need to have more congresses, workshops, and meetings regarding domestic violence and particularly about working with perpetrators in our region. This would strengthen our relationship with professionals from other parts of Europe and would contribute for better collaboration. Bulgaria and South-eastern region do not have a long experience with working with perpetrators, thus multinational knowledge exchange and collaboration would be very beneficial for the developing of efficient perpetrators programs and having well-trained professionals.

Neli Zhekova
Bulgarian Gender Research Foundation
Center for Crime Prevention
Sofia, Bulgaria

Last changed: 29.11.2021