Love without Hurt from Cyprus

Work with Perpetrators: The Case of Cyprus

The only program that exists in Cyprus, directly dealing with the work of perpetrators is 'Love Without Hurt', directed by Andreas Orphanides and his team. The program runs since 2007 in Cyprus, in collaboration with the 'Association for the Prevention and Handling of Violence in the Family'. The nature of the program is both psycho-educational and psycho-therapeutic. Its philosophy is to cultivate compassion for others and self-compassion as a means of bringing peace with one self and others, resulting to the elimination and termination of all forms of domestic violence. Although it started out with 12 sessions, the program has been expanded to 16 weeks and has been developed by including communication skills and meditation exercises. The use of various measures, such as the Conflict Tactics Scale pre and post program, has indicated the significant change of the participants.

We strongly believe that a united European Network for the work of perpetrators can inevitably be beneficial towards the prevention and termination of domestic violence as a social problem across the globe. The collaboration of each European Union country can open the gate for development, through the sharing of professionals' practical experiences. This systemic, yet ongoing collaboration between the members will further enhance the effectiveness of the work with perpetrators on all practical levels.

Andreas Orphanides
“Love without Hurt“
Association for the Prevention and Handling of Violence in the Family
Nicosia, Cyprus

Last changed: 29.11.2021