Network Structure

The Board

Representative of the member organisations elect the eight to eleven board members in the annual general assembly.

The Board:

meets quarterly, is composed of representatives of member organisations with a balance of regions, gender, perpetrator and victim organisations, is active by supporting the WWP EN's work and by contributing WWP EN staff team's work, has the most important task of strategic planning for the network.

The board officers (chair, secretary, treasurer) are elected by the board members. Additionally, the association has a vice chair as representative of WAVE (Women against violence in Europe). These four officers are responsible for the financial and administrative monitoring and the preparation of board and general meetings. They have monthly telephone conferences and from time to time additional preparatory meetings.

Member Involvement

The members of the Network are involved in the activities on different levels. First, they provide the base for the whole Network’s structure. They will elect the board members and decide about the main aims of the Network in the mid and long term. Additionally, the members are active in discussions and trainings on different levels. And some of the members are subcontracted to implement the main meetings and trainings of the Network (annual meeting, study visit, regional meeting). 

Last changed: 17.05.2019