Our purpose

We believe that gender-based violence violates women’s human rights and aim to create a gender-equitable world by supporting member organisations in their work with those who choose to use violence in intimate partnerships, predominantly men.

Our purpose

Without an approach for targeting perpetrators of domestic abuse and holding them accountable, any strategy to stop intimate partner violence is incomplete.

Our vision...

  • Men take responsibility for ending gender inequality
  • Society holds perpetrators accountable for their violence
  • Men who use violence against their partners and children can change
  • Perpetrator work across Europe is done in a safe, effective, and accountable way
  • Perpetrator work is perceived as a key element to ending domestic violence
  • Women and children are safe from domestic violence


  • Support our members in offering accountable, victim-focused and gender-informed perpetrator work
  • Offer innovative and essential training for perpetrator programmes
  • Advocate for the implementation of the Istanbul Convention
  • Promote perpetrator programmes at European and international levels
  • Innovate the evaluation of perpetrator programmes through the IMPACT Outcome Monitoring Toolkit
  • Change the way society perceives domestic violence by focusing on perpetrator accountability and victim safety
  • Raise awareness of domestic violence, e.g. through campaigns
  • Foster international exchange between perpetrator programmes through conferences and study visits
  • Further research by regularly participating in international projects