The WWP EN team unites experts from across Europe in a joint goal: Addressing the root causes of domestic violence to stop it permanently.

Take a moment to get to know our staff below and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have.

Alessandra has been working in the field of domestic violence for 20 years and in many areas of expertise. She advocated and worked for victims of domestic violence as a shelter worker, psychologist, researcher, manager, trainer, and fundraiser at local, provincial, regional, national and European levels. She founded and ran the first perpetrator programme in Italy (CAM – Centre for abusive men) and set up the national Italian network for perpetrator work (Relive). Additionally, Alessandra has published articles and books for the general public (Shifting power: Romano, 2012; Da uomo a uomo: Erickson, 2015; Dire di no alla violenza domestica: Angeli, 2016).

E-mail to: alessandra.pauncz(at)

Antonia's professional background is in the fields of conflict, development and psychology. In her studies and later work, she dealt with diverse forms of violence and became interested in its psychosocial causes and effects, which led her to WWP EN. She has worked as a project manager in the area of peace development and psychosocial support to Human Rights defenders, with a specific focus on Latin America. Before, she was involved with children's rights work in Nicaragua and the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly. Antonia holds an MA in Conflict, Development and Security from Lancanster Univeristy, UK, and an MA in Social Psychology from the University of Utrecht, the Netherlands.

E-mail to: antonia.montanus(at)

Berta Vall Castelló, PhD, is the WWP EN Research and Development Manager. Based in Spain, she is in charge of developing the IMPACT Outcome Monitoring Toolkit and coordinating research on it. She is also responsible for the development of other projects and research areas. Berta has great expertise in project development, and in research and data analysis in the fields of psychology and intimate partner violence.

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Bremni has a Master's in Business Administration (Global), specialising in Human Resource Management. She is a CIMA (Chartered Institute for Management Accountants - UK) passed finalist and has worked in the finance & accounting field for over 5 years. She's experienced working for non-profit organisations in Sri Lanka and has worked on several projects as a Finance Officer. Bremni firmly believes every child deserves to live a safe, secure, and peaceful life.

E-mail to: b.thevarajah(at)

Dimitra graduated in Economics with a specialisation in development sustainability and attention to social justice and well-being indicators. She is an expert in project design and management. Familiar with research as well as uptake, the topics she deals with are related to innovation, both technical and social, with the objective to boost a paradigm shift in current growth models and address today's social challenges with creativity and a critical yet positive approach.

E-mail to: d.mintsidis(at)

Since completing her MSc in Violence, Conflict and Development from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) in 2017, Durre has been working with gender rights organisations in Pakistan. She has worked on a variety of themes, including gender-based violence in conflict zones, women's access to reproductive health facilities and women's political participation. At WWP EN, she is part of the communications team with a focus on project communications. Durre wants to contribute towards the creation of a world free from all kinds of violence, including violence against women and children.

E-mail to: d.mirza(at)

With over a decade of experience in the non-profit sector, Elena has been working as a project manager and designer, with a primary focus on the social inclusion of migrants and gender-based violence. Elena has a degree in translation and interpreting, and is also a certified cultural mediator, specialised in working with migrant victims of violence.

E-mail to: e.gajotto(at)

Jaume Grané is a data analyst and a clinical psychologist specialised in systemic therapy. He is currently involved in the analysis of data from the IMPACT Outcome Monitoring Toolkit, bids and other research-related projects.

E-mail to: j.grane(at)

After studying business administration, Jeannette gained experience as an executive assisstant and event manager for over 19 years. For over twelve years, she worked as an administrative assistant to the managment of various associations and as a project manager in the organisation of events in the field of adult education. Her greatest concern is that children grow up healthy, educated and without violence in their lives.

E-mail to: jeannette.bonge(at)

Lydia Sandrock is a psychologist who, for more than three decades, has been counselling victims of sexual assault and rape, child sexual abuse, domestic violence and stalking. She tackles violence on several levels including through networking, training professionals, public relations work, organising campaigns and conferences, and giving speeches and lectures. She has worked as a coordinator for women's shelters in the past, and has often been called upon as an advisor for local municipalities and ministries at regional and national levels. Since 2008, she has been cooperating with perpetrator programmes and participated in developing standards for perpetrator work in Germany. She also illustrated two children books encouraging children to say "no" and call for help in cases of abuse.

E-mail to: lydia.sandrock(at)

Mirko studied Communications in Social and Economic Contexts at the Berlin University of the Arts. He managed logistics for advertisement agencies and wrote his thesis on the topic of trust in German labour unions. After graduation, he worked on various projects for migrant organisations and unions. During the last couple of years, Mirko worked in the administration of a Berlin refugee shelter in a challenging but also very rewarding environment. At WWP EN, he is responsible for financial and admistrative duties. He supports his local football team Union Berlin.

E-mail to: m.dehring(at)

Nóra Regös has a Master's in Sociology and Public Policy. In recent years, she focused on working with victims of domestic violence and human trafficking as a helpline operator, support group facilitator and social worker providing trauma-informed psychosocial support. She is also involved in training professionals on gender-based violence against women and girls, with a special focus on risk assessment and safety planning. She is committed to creating a safer, non-violent environment for all, and especially women and girls.

E-mail to: n.regos(at)

Since completing a Master's in Psychology, Ola has been focusing on domestic violence prevention. She is trained in Solution-Focused Brief Therapy and Non-Violent Communication and has three years of experience working as a consultant at the Polish National Hotline for Domestic Violence Victims. She also worked as a psychologist, providing one-on-one psychological support for survivors of domestic violence and in a perpetrator programme before moving from Warsaw to Berlin and joining the WWP EN team.

E-mail to: o.kurowicka(at)

I am Pius (pronounced as pious) — I appreciate a certain slowness, pauses in life to observe, write, take photos, and research. My work involves documenting lives and politics of minority communities, far-right politics, queer protest movements and violence against them. 

E-mail to: p.fozan(at)

Rashi is a communications and marketing expert with more than 6 years of experience in crafting narratives that educate, engage, and build empathetic relationships. She holds a Masters in Arts in English Literature with a focus on gender and feminist studies. At WWP EN, she leads strategic internal and external communication initiatives and impactful campaigns that amplify WWP EN’s mission, foster community engagement, and secure essential funding. She is vocal advocate of gender equality and ending domestic violence. Originally from India, Rashi is currently based out of Hamburg, Germany.

E-mail to: r.chauhan(at)

Sandra is a psychologist with over ten years of experience addressing domestic violence. She has provided psychological support for women and children exposed to violence, ran the first Serbian perpetrator group and founded the National Network for the Work with Perpetrators of Violence Serbia (OPNA). She has been working as an expert consultant in the field of perpetrator work, focusing on the standardization of perpetrator programmes, and their set-up in accordance with the provisions of the Istanbul convention. Additionally, she is supporting capacity-building of professionals through training and supervision. Sandra is based in Serbia.

E-mail to: s.jovanovic(at)

Van successfully completed her undergraduate studies, earning a Bachelor's in International Business and Social Sciences. She initiated her professional career by joining an advertising agency in Vietnam. Building on her experience, she decided to enhance her qualifications by pursuing a Master's in Digital Management in Berlin. Presently, she is a working student within the communications team at WWP EN.

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