ASAP 2.0

A systematic approach to address perpetrators of domestic violence

Efficient collaboration between domestic violence perpetrator programmes and victim support services is a crucial strategy to prevent and address gender-based violence, especially considering the rise in domestic violence during the COVID-19 crisis. ASAP 2.0 focuses on preventing gender-based violence by addressing the roles and involvement of men and boys. Continuing the A.S.A.P. project, its goal is to enhance the efficiency of domestic violence perpetrator programmes by applying methods developed in the previous project.

Our work

  • Jointly train partner staff members
  • Upgrade and improve existing tools to include cyberviolence, child protection and COVID-related issues
  • Pilot a cooperation protocol for perpetrator programmes and victim support services in Italy, Bulgaria, Greece and Cyprus
  • Expand the protocol in the project partners' countries
  • Raise awareness for the need of a systemic approach to domestic violence and share resources developed in the project


The ASAP 2.0 project upgraded tools for the collaboration between perpetrator programmes, victim support services, and other services in English, German, Bulgarian, Greek, and Italian, and developed a replicable capacity-building programme across the EU.

Additional resources

IMPACT Outcome Measurement Toolkit

ASAP Operational Protocol (EN)

Bulgaria | Croatia | Italy


Launch of Project May 2022

EN | BG | EL | IT | DE

Launch of ASAP 2.0 Protocol April 2024

EN | BG | EL | IT | DE


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Dimitra Mintsidis

Project & Development Manager, WWP EN