#ResponsibleTogether 2022: Addressing early intimate partner violence and CAPVA

This year's #ResponsibleTogether campaign turns its eyes to the younger generation and how we can work to prevent and decrease violence at an early stage in life.

How do we prevent and stop early intimate partner violence?

We believe that children and teenagers have the power to prevent and stop dating violence. However, they need the tools to recognise and respond to toxic or even abusive relationship behaviours. To support them, we have created an awareness-raising website, as well as an info flyer for teenagers.

What can fathers do?

We believe that parents, and especially fathers, play an important role in educating children on respectful relationships, consent and healthy sexuality. Accordingly, we dedicate part of our campaign to raising awareness with fathers about their positiv impact in their childrens' lives. Find parenting resources and stories from fathers across Europe here.

What is CAPVA?

Child and Adolescent to Parent Violence and Abuse (CAPVA) is a serious and growing issue. Parents experiencing this type of violence often have problems recognising and naming the abuse. They feel ashamed and do not know how to react. Similarly, many professionals are unaware of the issue or do not know how to respond. To support parents, as well as practitioners, we have created a postcard questionnaire & campaign website.

Last changed: 09.04.2024