CHANGE - Pathways to prevent and combat gender based violence

Violence against women is a complex and multi-dimensional phenomenon which requires the action and collaboration among specialised services, CSO’s organisations, institutions belonging to social and health systems, as well as the education one, to be tackled and prevented.  

CHANGE (pathways to prevent and combat Gender-Based Violence) intervenes to support a multi-agency, coordinated and effective response to fight and prevent GBV and DV in Friuli Venezia Giulia and Veneto regions in Italy.

The CHANGE project is focused on preventive action to combat gender-based violence by addressing masculinities and the engagement of men and boys, including awareness raising activities addressing primary prevention in schools and within the general public, activities focusing on training of frontline professionals and of operators wishing to work in perpetrators’ programmes. Finally, project activities will involve a targeted prevention approach through the setting-up of Service Desks offering perpetrators (and potential perpetrators) support and treatment programmes to prevent violence and recidivism.

Our work

Through the CHANGE project, WWP will:

  • Contribute to the outline of educational activities with youngsters in schools based on Consent experience 
  • Support training of frontline services and perpetrator programmes through the application of the Engage roadmap and the ASAP protocol  
  • Implement monitoring and evaluation of programmes via the Impact toolkit in existing and new established PP in the area
  • Disseminate key messages and share best practices at the European level 

Contact and team

Elena Gajotto, Project Officer - e.gajotto(at)

Dimitra Mintsidis, Project and Financial Manager - d.mintsidis(at)

Berta Vall, Research and Development Manager -

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