An intersystemic pathway for the rights

CONSCIOUS was an innovative 20-month project that developed an inter-systemic model for preventing reoffending by perpetrators guilty of sexual abuse and domestic violence. The model addresses the lack of evaluation, knowledge, and tools that hinder the work needed to significantly reduce reoffending by sexual and domestic perpetrators.

Our work

  • Improve expertise in public services and cooperation between agencies
  • Improve access to specialized public services
  • Develop cooperation between punitive and restorative justice programmes


CONSCIOUS implemented a model based on an inter-systemic cooperation network between social-health authorities and services, judicial, criminal execution, public security systems, and Civil Society Organizations. This model addresses perpetrators in and outside of prisons, accompanying them on a path towards their social reintegration.


    August 2020

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    September 2020

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    December 2020

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    Dimitra Mintsidis

    Project & Development Manager, WWP EN