Combating online early access to sexually explicit material and enhancing tools to foster youngsters’ healthy intimate relationships

Social conditioning of boys and girls during formative years affects gender-related roles and behaviour, which can have an impact on patterns of violence and victimisation that carry on to their later lives. Therefore, promoting healthy gender roles among youngsters is vital in creating more equal relationships where consent is respected and in preventing gender-based violence. The CONSENT project aims to prevent gender-based violence among youngsters with a focus on sexualised violence.

Our work

  • Inform parents and caregivers about the easy access to sexually explicit material by kids, and enable them to hinder early contact and foster healthy sexual and emotional development in youth, 
  • Improve the knowledge of teachers and educators on online abuse and use of pornography, and their capability to detect and tackle them with youth, to improve their affective development and protect their health, 
  • Raise youngsters’ awareness of gender roles and stereotypes, consent, and the implications of pornography on intimate relationships to empower them to become critical agents,
  • Improve the engagement of institutions, key stakeholders and IT experts to safeguard children's online security and youth's healthy development through developing actions, tools and policies.


The CONSENT team delivered programmes and tools for parents, teachers, and youngsters in Spain and Italy, which were disseminated all over Europe for replication. Moreover, CONSENT developed a campaign for youth to become changemakers and an adult readiness campaign to multiply the impact on gender equality and child safeguarding all over Europe.


Launch of Project May 2022

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Launch of CONSENT Campaign Febuary 2024

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Dimitra Mintsidis

Project & Development Manager, WWP EN