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June 2018

Interview with Michi Gosch and Susanne Pekler

Michi Gosch, manager of the Styrian women's shelters, and Susanne Pekler, director of NEUSTART Styria, took a moment to answer some questions about their new anti-aggression training for women using violence.

Read the full interview here.


Gender Summit 15: "United in Science and through Science"

London, 18-19 June

The 2018 Gender Summit is led by influential science institutions, with the Science and Engineering South Consortium of leading universities as the principal partner.

Topics of discussion are (among others): impact of climate change, addressing societal challenges; relevance of research and innovation; ensuring the success of the UN Sustainable Development agenda; and managing the interactions between scientific, political and policy agendas in a rapidly changing world.

  • Find more information here

18th Annual Conference of the European Society of Criminology

Sarajevo, 29 August-1 September

Registrations from the 18th Annual Conference of the European Society of Criminology are still open. Learn more about projects within the ESC and throughout Europe.


 Woman XXI International Conference on Woman and Gender Universes

Porto, 20-21 September

This conference has a broad, transdisciplinary focus not only on women, but also the extensive and complex universe of gender. The call for papers is still open, read more below.

  • Registration is open here

International Conference on Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence: victims, perpetrators and bystanders

Porto, 8-9 October

The conference brings together researchers, academics, doctoral students, practitioners, and policy makers to discuss topics such as sexual violence and its consequences, sexual harassment in school contexts, prevention of sexual harassment, and the role of bystanders in sexual harassment and sexual violence.



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March 2018

Interview with Attiya Khan

Attiya Khan is the co-director and protagonist of the documentary "A Better Man".
The documentary portrays her unique way of healing from decades old trauma and engaging with her abusive ex-partner.

Read the full interview here.


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