The DeStalk Project

The goal of the DeStalk project is to develop strategies and tools to recognize and eliminate new forms of gender-based violence: online violence and stalkerware.

Gender-based violence and online abuse are closely related. In Europe, one in ten women have experienced online violence since the age of fifteen and 20% of young women experience sexual harassment online. 70% of women who undergo cyber stalking are also victims of physical and/or sexual violence by their partner or former partner.

Cyber abuse and stalkerware represent increasingly widespread, often hidden, forms of gender-based violence. Sexual harassment and mysoginistic bullying, cyber stalking, revenge porn and secretly installing stalkerware apps on phones. All of this is part of the abuse perpetrated online against both women and girls.

The DeStalk project aims to

  • raise awareness among as many people and institutions as possible about the danger posed by cyber violence against women.
  • share information on how to counter gender-based cyber violence.
  • build capacities among state and private actors to become active against this violence.

Last changed: 20.11.2020