Annual Workshop 2017

October 11-13, 2017

Work with Perpetrators: Strengthening Accountability, Developing Practice and Increasing Safety - WWP EN Annual Workshop, Zagreb, Croatia, October 11 – 13, 2017


The WWP EN Annual Workshop was the major network event of 2017.

Thank you to all those who attended the 2017 Annual Workshop on Strengthening Accountability, Developing Practice and Increasing Safety. We hope that you found the conference as inspiring and engaging as the WWP EN staff did. Bringing together over 80 practitioners, researchers and project coordinators dedicated to end Gender Based Violence through working in perpetrator programmes and victim organisations and in support of gender equality was an important task. Participants from 21 European countries and Argentina participated in the meeting, creating opportunities for meaningful cross-cultural dialog and networking spaces.

A complete report on the workshop can be found here.

A technical report by the organisation committee can be found here.


This year’s workshop was hosted by our member organisations Society for Psychological Assistance (SPA) and Home Duga-Zagreb, both located in Croatia.


is one of the founding members of WWP EN. The Society for Psychological Assistance is a non-profit, non-governmental mental health organization, founded in 1993 and based in Zagreb, Croatia. The mission of the SPA is to respond proactively, professionally and adequately to psychosocial problems and needs of individuals, families and communities in Croatia, South-eastern Europe and other countries. The main areas of work are:

• Providing psychosocial interventions and support (psychological counselling, psychotherapy, treatment of domestic violence perpetrators, family mediation, psychological crisis interventions, psycho-educations, etc.)

• Education of professional and paraprofessional care-providers (more than 4,000 providers from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Serbia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania, Russia, Ingushetia, Azerbaijan and Georgia have participated in SPA’s training programs of various length)

• Publishing professional books and manuals

• Organizing international and domestic professional conferences

The Society for Psychological Assistance has been active in the area of domestic violence, since 2004. It has active role in influencing the Croatian legislation that provided the legal framework for court mandated referral of perpetrators. Further, it started the first treatment centre for perpetrators in the country, developed the treatment program that became the standard for other treatment centres, helped draft the minimal national standards for work with perpetrators and trained 120 providers in Croatia and another 40 providers in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in Macedonia.

Institution for children and adults – victims of domestic violence, Home “Duga-Zagreb”…

was founded by the City of Zagreb in 2006 and on April 16th 2007 accepted the first victims of domestic violence under its protection. Since then, Institution “Duga-Zagreb” offers, on a daily basis, services of accommodation to the victims of domestic violence, as well as nourishment, sanitation, health care, and psychosocial treatment, including legal advice. That kind of life situation requires specific type of care which removes the victim from the community and potential threat of the violent partner to a publicly unknown location, far from the home. All services provided by Institution “Duga-Zagreb” are completely free of charge for victims of domestic violence and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year with a social worker, a psychologist or a legal counsellor on a duty call and an integrated security system with female guards and cameras.

Along with shelter service, Institution “Duga-Zagreb” covers two more fields of work, both located on two different addresses, separate from the shelter itself.

• One is the service of psychosocial treatment for perpetrators of domestic violence which is mandatory for defendants to attend under court order, all for the purpose of protection of family members where there was violence by increasing their security.

• The second one is counselling for children and adult victims of domestic violence available to public from 2005.

Both of these activities are also completely free for users. Psychosocial treatment has been carried out in a special department of Home „Duga“ since 2009. The treatment is based on cognitive-behavioural principles, which indicate the importance of learning and acquiring new skills during the treatment in order to change violent behaviour. The treatment is structured to be carried out in three phases: intake, treatment and evaluation.


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