Annual Workshop 2018

October 3-5, 2018

Journey to Accountability: Practice and Theory - WWP EN Annual Workshop 2018 in Prague, Czech Republic

The WWP EN Annual Workshop in 2018 will be taking place in Prague, Czech Republic, and is organised by the Diaconia.

Workshop Info

Location: Wellnesshotel Step, Prague (Czech Republic)

Start: 3 October, 12:00 AM

End: 5 October, 13:30 PM

This year, we will be exploring the complexities accountability entails. Working together towards responsible perpetrator programmes has always been WWP EN's aim and this workshop will enable participants to engage with the topic in-depth.

Attending the WWP EN Annual Workshop is open to members of our network, as well as other experts and interested parties. The agenda will be announced soon.

The WWP EN Annual Workshop is free of charge for member organisations. If you are unsure whether you qualify as a reimbursed participant, please contact your organisation/network before registering. Please note that if you are joining us from a non-EU country, the office needs to book your flight or we will not be able to reimburse you.

Registration for reimbursed participants has been closed. If you have any questions pertaining to late registration, please contact Jeannette. Self-payers can register here.

Last changed: 10.08.2018