Study Visit 2017 to Sofia, Bulgaria

On 20- 22 June 2017 our WWP EN Study Visit took place in Sofia, Bulgaria. The visit was hosted by the Bulgarian Gender Research Foundation and its partners from the Alliance for Protection from Gender-based Violence, including NAIA Association- Targovishte. They presented their methods and the locations of their work with perpetrators in Sofia, plus practices in the country. Most of the representatives of the Alliance attended in order to share their practice and for networking with the foreign participants in the study visit. During the visit, particiapnts met with other potential partners and visited key institutions, such as the court, police, and others. They had the chance to use in-depth group exchanges on laws and implementation of laws in the field of work with perpetrators to broaden their knowledge and exchange practices. The people responsible for and coordinating the visit were Genoveva Tisheva, Zlatka Macheva and Diyana Videva.

download the report (incl. agenda) here

for more information on WWP EN Study Visits and the 2017 Study Visit to Bulgaria, feel free to contact anna.mckenzie(at)

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