Upcoming WWP EN Webinars

Screening for men's use of sexualised violence in the context of domestic violence

Date: 11.12.2019 (Date changed due to a scheduling conflict)

Time: 16:00 PM, Central European Time (CET)

Register: https://wwpenacademy.clickmeeting.com/screening-for-sexualised-violence/register

Sexualised Violence is a common aspect of intimate partner violence (IPV).  While it is common dynamic, it is poorly understood by practitioners (both those who support victim/survivors, and those who work with men who perpetrate violence) and rarely addressed. This webinar provides an overview of sexualised violence within IPV, the dynamics in the context of IPV, and ways practitioners can screen for the presence of intimate partner sexualised violence. This webinar will also provide some strategies and techniques to support men who use violence to examine their use of sexualised violence as a part of their violence perpetration.

Webinar Facilitator

Rus Ervin Funk is a long-time activist and community organizer focusing on promoting healthy masculinities; preventing violence; promoting equity, diversity and justice. He has more than 30 years’ experience in mobilizing men to help end violence against women, and working with communities, campuses and organizations.

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