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Who cares? Including men in conversations about care work and domestic violence

Date & time: 13 October, 10-12 CET (see the time of the event in your local time)

Language: The event will be held in English

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Audience: This event is open to all professionals working in the area of gender equality and domestic violence.

Participants will be invited to join breakout rooms, so please ensure your laptop has a working microphone.

The Event

Care work and domestic violence are two areas where men are practically invisible. But to end unequal care responsibilities and domestic abuse, we must include men in the conversation and engage them in processes of personal and collective change. How can we raise awareness of this need among professionals who talk to men every day? How can these frontline professionals promote men’s involvement in care work or stop domestic violence?

Join our interactive event and hear from speakers with years of practical and research experience sensitising frontline professionals, such as human resources departments, employers, doctors, nurses, police officers, child protection and social workers. 

With insights from the ENGAGE, Men in Care and Fathers Rock projects, we will discuss

  • Why it is necessary to sensitise these professionals,
  • how you benefit from doing this work,
  • which professionals you should target, and where you can reach them,
  • what the challenges and barriers are and how to overcome them.

The Speakers

Elli Scambor is a sociologist and the Managing Director of the Institute for Masculinity Studies and Gender Research in Graz, Austria. In 2016, Elli was Laureate of the Käthe Leichter Award for Women's Studies, Gender Studies and Gender Equality in Work. She has coordinated numerous international studies focusing on men & gender equality, "Caring Masculinities", and gender-based violence prevention. She is the scientific coordinator of the EU study The Role of Men in Gender Equality and the Men in Care Study in Austria. 

Heinrich Geldschläger is a psychologist and psychotherapist, as well as the Director of Research and International Projects at CONEXUS Association in Barcelona, Spain. Heinrich has been active in the field of men's violence against women and children for over 20 years. He has worked directly with men, coordinated services, delivered training and presentations nationally and internationally and conducted research. Heinrich is a founding member of WWP EN, coordinated the ENGAGE project, and participated in many other international research projects.

Dimitra Minstidis is the Project and Financial Manager at WWP EN. With a masters's degree in sustainable and equitable development, she specialises in international cooperation, as well as European project development and management. In the past 15 years, she has been designing and working within different types of actions targeting social justice and innovation, education, and inclusion.


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