WWP EN Webinars 2019

Step by Step: Men’s Accountability Towards Women as an Ongoing Process

Date: 24 April, 2019

Time: 2-3 PM, CET

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Natalia Batenkova, Unizon (Sweden), works as a Project Coordinator for the SAfE project that Unizon runs in Russia together with the organisation MÄN (former Men for Gender Equality). She has an academic background in International and European Relations and has been working with women and girls subjected to men’s violence (both in intimate relationships and in prostitution, pornography and human trafficking) as well we with violence prevention for several years.

Vidar Vetterfalk, MÄN (Sweden), has been an active member in MÄN since it started 1993 and has worked as international project manager and psychologist since 2001 with a main focus on Eastern Europe. Vidar has cooperated closely with Unizon in international development cooperation since 2010 in supporting development in Eastern Europe of holistic work against men’s violence against women including:

  • primary prevention for youth and fathers,
  • support to women and children subjected to violence and
  • secondary prevention with perpetrators.

Together with Olga Person from Unizon, Vidar was an expert in the governmental investigation on work with perpetrators in Sweden 2017-2018 .

Webinar Details

Unizon and MÄN from Sweden have been cooperating for many years. But has it always been an accountable cooperation?

During this webinar representatives from Unizon and MÄN will share a quite recent example of when the lack of accountability from MÄN damaged the cooperation between the organisations and also talk about the important practical steps and lessons learned on the way to develop more accountability.

Participants of this FREE webinar will hear practical examples and concrete suggestions on how to create an accountable and effective cooperation between perpetrator programmes and women's support services.

Upcoming Webinars

Rape Crisis Centres and Sexual Violence

Date: June 17, 2019

Time: 3-4 PM, CET

Sandie Barton, Director of Operations at Rape Crisis Scotland will speak about

  • a European perspective on rape crisis centres (Where do/don’t they exist and why?),
  • the specific work rape crisis centers do and
  • the distinct ways sexual(ised) violence is a side-effect of many different forms of violence, but still goes unaddressed many times.

The ENGAGE Roadmap

Date: tbd

Time: tbd

Heinrich Geldschläger, Conexus (Spain), and Alessandra Panucz, CAM Firenze (Italy), will introduce the ENGAGE Roadmap - a tool for frontline professionals (e.g. doctors, therapists, police) to help identify, talk about and refer perpetrators of domestic violence to programmes.

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