WWP EN Webinars 2019

Rape Crisis Centres and the Special Role of Sexual Violence in Perpetrator Work

Date: June 17, 2019

Time: 3-4 PM, CET

Register: https://wwpenacademy.clickmeeting.com/rape-crisis-centers/register


Sandie Barton has been working with child and adult survivors of sexual violence for 24 years in a variety of organisational settings. She is a qualified cognitive behavioural psychotherapist, and is currently the Director of Operations at Rape Crisis Scotland. At RCS she leads on developing new Rape Crisis services, delivering training to external agencies including key criminal justice personnel, oversees the national prevention work, as well as working in partnership with external agencies such as Government and the National Health Service to develop trauma informed services and workforce.

Webinar Details

In this webinar, Sandie Barton will explore Rape Crisis Centres – their necessity, their specific work and their European Context. Additionally, she will consider the intersections of domestic abuse and sexual violence as she has experienced them in her work, as well as how these intersections have been treated thus far. And lastly, she will share inputs on how to treat sexual violence in perpetrator programmes taken from her decades of experience working with survivors.

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