Webinars - Frequently Asked Questions

What are webinars?

Webinars are an interactive way of learning from anybody in the world at any time!

As the name says, webinars are seminars held on the web. Not only are they great for presenting your organisation and the work you do, they are also a very cheap way of, for example, organising training sessions for your team.

WWP EN is organising a webinar. How can I register?

Good question! When we organise a webinar, we

  1. update the webinar page on our website and
  2. have a Facebook event (which you can find under “events” on our Facebook page).

All you have to do to register is follow the registration link and fill in the information. You will receive a confirmation e-mail with a “join” button. Additionally, you will receive reminders one day and one hour before the webinar starts.

Examples for the registration form and confirmation e-mail (click to enlarge): 

I am registered. How do I participate in the webinar?

On the day of the webinar and at the right time (2-3 mins before the event starts), click the “join” button and you will be sent to the waiting room. As soon as the presenters are finished preparing the event, you will automatically participate in the webinar. For the best webinar experience make sure you have a stable and fast internet connection, also turn off other programmes that use the microphone, camera, internet, e.g. Skype, Chrome/Firefox.

Examples for the confirmation e-mail and the waiting room (click to enlarge):

I am participating in the webinar, but I can’t hear/see anything. What do I do?

Don’t panic! Let us know via the chat that you are experiencing difficulties. It could be that your internet connection isn’t good enough, but maybe nobody else can hear anything either and letting us know will help everybody. If you don't feel comfortable using the general chat, you can use the little hand at the bottom of the screen to let WWP EN know you need assistance. This will show up in the attendee list and we will take care of you in a private chat.

Examples of the webinar room chat and the assistance button (click to enlarge):

My internet is really bad. Can I still participate in WWP EN webinars?

Of course, you can! There is also the possibility of joining the webinar by telephone. In your confirmation e-mail, you will also see numbers for phone access and the pin you need to enter the phone event. However, when you use the phone to participate, you will only hear the presenters and can’t ask any questions.

Examples of how to get phone access information (click to enlarge):

Oh no! I missed your webinar! Can I watch it afterwards?

Usually, we record all our webinars. Simply send Anna an e-mail at anna.mckenzie[at]work-with-perpetrators.eu and she will get back to you with the information you need.

I still have questions.

In this case, please get in touch with Anna at anna.mckenzie[at]work-with-perpetrators.eu. She will answer any remaining questions you have.

Last changed: 20.10.2020