Webinars in 2015

In 2015, the European Network presented its first series of webinars. The pilot webinars covered several key issues, some of which will be areas of future development for WWP-EN.

The webinars are all online for your viewing pleasure:


Nina George & Cassandra Jones: The Impact Toolkit - A User's Guide.

Webinar Details

About the data toolkit WWP EN has access to and the benefits for organisations of using it. We covered how to use it to report on how your clients, their partners and their children benefit from a programme.

Nina George: Victims and Victim Services in Work with Perpetrators

Webinar Details

A key part of WWP EN's work in 2016 will be to look at how perpetrator programmes work with their client's victims and their partnerships with victims' organisations. This webinar examined some of the starting points for discussions that will be had and acted on in the next 2 years at WWP EN

Sara Kirkpatrick: WWP EN Study Visits - all you wanted to know but were afraid to ask

Webinar Details

Sara Kirkpatrick from the Hampton Trust tells us all about being a participant on and a host for a WWP EN study visit. This webinar includes clips from previous visits and tips from Sara on things to consider if you want to host a study visit at your organisation.

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