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  • Men of the 21st Century: Counselling men that tend to perpetrate violence in close relationships: 5 steps to alternatives 
  • Facilitator: Stanislav Khotskiy
  • Webinar recording is available here


Webinar details

Stanislav Khotskiy introduces the organisation “Men of the 21st Century“ from Russia.

The webinar covers the following issues:

Stanislav Khotskiy shares his working experiences at Men of the 21st Century with you. He talks about the organisation, the work they do and the challenges they face. Furthermore, he introduces the methods they are working with and take a closer look at the counselling model structure, the basic principles and the use of it. Additionally, he presents a case study.

Have a look at the recording of this inspiring webinar with a lot of learning opportunities.


Stanislav Khotskiy is a psychologist and member of the M21 team. He was educated as a clinical psychologist at the East-European Institute of Psychoanalysis in Saint-Petersburg. Stanislav tried different areas of work and began his practice working with drug-addicted people. At the same time, he took special classes to become a business trainer (coach).

As a trainer he worked in the field of effective communication and negotiations. Afterwards Stanislav worked at the Center for Social Support for Children and Families, where he assisted clients to cope with various problems that were usually connected with children or addictive behaviour. Often clients had problems in both of these arenas.

Working there, he was faced with the problem of violence in close relationships. He had never seriously thought about it before, but suddenly saw that the problem exists in a large number of families.

He then got to know his future colleagues at “M21”. A little bit later, in 2012, he became a part of this team. Since then he has been working in this field as a psychologist and project manager.

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