WWP EN Webinar


Treatment work with adults using violence.

Tuesday 3rd May 2016 at 11am CET

We are delighted to have Marius Råkil facilitate this first Webinar.


Treatment work with adults using violence.

In the webinar, Marius Råkil will introduce the organisation Alternativ til Vold (Alternative to Violence) in Norway.


Today there is a vast body of both research based and practice based knowledge on violence, those who perpetrate violence (mostly men) and the consequences of violence for the victims (children, adolescents and adults [mostly women]). Still, we need to further develop our understanding of the different causes behind men’s violence in the context of the family and intimate relationships. We have to strive to make correspondence between ideas about its causes and the design of our treatment interventions as good as possible.


Marius will briefly present the features and characteristics of ATV’s model for treatment of men who use violence in intimate relationships.


Marius Råkil is the executive director of Alternative to Violence (ATV) in Norway. ATV is the oldest European treatment centre for men who use violence in intimate relationships. The organisation was founded in 1987. Today ATV offers treatment and support services to all members of the family. ATV also engages in research projects on perpetrators, therapeutic processes and treatment outcomes. Mr. Råkil is educated as a specialist in clinical psychology. He has 25 years of experience in treating men who batter their partners. In addition, he works as a lecturer and speaker both nationally and internationally. He has published articles and book chapters in Sweden, Italy, England and the USA and has edited a Norwegian textbook on men’s violence against women. He has worked as a researcher and has been a member of governmental committees on men, equality and violence.

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