WWP EN Webinar

Cooperation and Incorporation

Facilitator: Nina George

Webinar Details:

Some things are very easy to say and very difficult to do. All WWP members sign up to say that they do this work to improve the safety of women and children – we state that “The mission of WWP EN is to improve the safety of women, their children and others at risk from violence in close relationships, through the promotion of effective work with those who perpetrate this violence, mainly men.” But how easy is this in practice? This webinar briefly explores some of the challenges we face in making this principle a reality. Nina also presents the findings from a mapping report of WWP EN members from last year, outlining the results from the WWP EN working group and project on “Victim/women’s safety, (ex)partner services and partnerships between the specialised women’s support and perpetrator sectors. Additionally, she introduces an exciting new project from the same WWP EN working group asking for examples of good practice so that these may be promoted across Europe.

Last changed: 18.02.2019