WWP EN Webinar: Working with(in) Migrant Populations

Webinar Details: 

This introductory webinar addresses the issues of Male Violence against Women and Girls within and by migrant, refugee and ethnic minorities groups in Europe. It covers the major concepts, definitions and analytical framework that was developed by feminist migrant women organisations and introduces the major challenges, risks and misconceptions in the area of prevention and protection. 


Born in St.Petersburg, Russia, Anna has over 10 years of experience in the area of intersectional feminist analysis of violence & discrimination against women, with specific focus on migrant women, sexual exploitation and care economy. 
She is a former Research Analyst with the Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies and a selected expert with the European Institute for Gender Equality. She served as ENOMW chair in 2014-2017 and currently works on capacity building of the Network, strategic advocacy and strengthening inclusion of migrant women voices in the EU decision-making.

Last changed: 28.05.2018