Fathers’ engagement in the Role Of Care Keeping mothers and children safe

Fathers’ involvement in perinatal care and engagement in parenting enhances children’s well-being. It also contributes to the development of healthy relationships and is associated with a reduced likelihood of violence. Therefore, Fathers Rock focuses on the prevention of gender-based violence against men who are (becoming) fathers through collaboration with crucial services.

Our work

  • Improve the social and emotional capacity of men who are (becoming) fathers and their skills in dealing with parenting and their (new) role as fathers
  • Increase the engagement of critical public institutions in recognising and promoting the caring role of men to promote gender equality, child well-being and safeguarding, and prevention of domestic violence.
  • Enhance the skills of services to involve and support men in parenting to minimise the risk of violence and to increase accountability.
  • Improve the capacity of frontline professionals to prevent domestic violence and identify risk indicators and early critical signs of domestic violence.
  • Enable professionals to use available resources and paths for referral of domestic violence and to motivate men to accountability.


Results of the Fathers Rock project include a capacity-building programme for frontline services to identify and refer domestic violence, the engagement of fathers and the work on caring masculinities codesigned with perinatal and early childhood professionals and a multiagency intervention model for prevention of gender-based violence and child safeguarding through the work with men around fatherhood.


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Dimitra Mintsidis

Project & Development Manager, WWP EN