Reporting to GREVIO

Perpetrator Programmes (PPs), as described in the Istanbul Convention, play an important role in combating violence against women and domestic violence. GREVIO is eager to have as much independent input and feedback from countries that have ratified the convention in order to be able to draw up the most useful indications for the recommendation and the improvement of the implementation of the Istanbul Convention.

PPs are particularly important for information regarding article 12, article 14 and article 16. PPs can contribute to the evaluation profess by writing a shadow report for GREVIO.

WWP EN is strongly encouraging PPs to take part in the GREVIO reporting process, and also provides support through this process.

Why should you report to the GREVIO?

There are numerous reasons why PPs would benefit from this:

  • You know how the programmes for perpetrators work in practice, including the strengths and challenges. It is important to get your voice heard and influence further development of the programmes in your country;
  • This is a chance to reach out and cooperate with other stakeholders, in particular women's support services and state institutions, as well as to strengthen your collaboration. This is also a chance to work together with other perpetrator programmes in your country;
  • By sharing your perspective with GREVIO, you’re becoming an important player in your country's coordinated community response. As well as this, you can influence GREVIO's recommendations to help end violence against women in your country. 

How can WWP EN support you in this process?

  • We can provide guidance for creating a good quality, relevant report for GREVIO;
  • We've developed a reporting template which can support your work and make it easier;
  • We're monitoring the reports submitted to GREVIO from various countries and can share the findings from that process with you. An example of the report to GREVIO by Relive Italy can be found here.

Last changed: 07.03.2023