The IMPACT Outcome Monitoring Toolkit

The question of questions: Do perpetrator programmes work?

The main goal of perpetrator programmes (PPs) is to increase survivors and children’s safety. However, it is often difficult to understand whether PPs are meeting this goal. Historically, it has been impossible to give an answer to this question, as evaluations have used different methodological designs and tools to measure outcomes, limiting the conclusions that could be drawn.

The European IMPACT Project (2013-2014) was developed in order to address these issues and to, eventually, improve the quality of European PPs. The main project aim was to improve the quality of the monitoring and evaluation processes of European perpetrator programmes, which would increase women and children’s safety.

During the project, specialists noted that there were difficulties associated with the differences in systems both within and across countries. To overcome this, they suggested a methodology designed to assess:

  1. possible changes in perpetrator behaviour,
  2. the impact of that behaviour, and
  3. any changes in the safety of victims.

This methodology is based on the application of our Impact Toolkit, which can be used to standardize outcome evaluation, creating a European database for policy recommendations based on evidence from the gathered data.

What are the main purposes of the Impact Toolkit?

The Impact Outcome Monitoring Toolkit has three main purposes:

  1. to standardize the methods and areas of enquiry used in evaluations
  2. to help programmes monitor and evaluate the impact of their work
  3. to gather data across Europe

The Impact Toolkit facilitates assessing changes over time by designating five points at which to collect information with a specific questionnaire for each point in time. Perpetrators and their (ex-)partners complete these questionnaires at each of these five times.

WWP EN offers training and support to programmes wishing to implement the toolkit, as well as reports in which we analyse the programme outcomes derived from the questionnaires. These reports, which we provide annually, take the form of an external evaluation and can be used to report to funders/donors.

Last changed: 13.04.2023