Innovative Solutions to Domestic Abuse

Domestic violence is one of Europe's most severe and pervasive forms of violence against women. Solutions to end domestic abuse must tackle factors that enable abuse at all levels and employ multidisciplinary expertise to combat the phenomenon. The ISEDA project (Innovative Solutions to Eliminate Domestic Abuse) aims to combat and eliminate domestic violence by employing an enriched European approach, utilising modern technological tools and practices and multi-sectoral expertise in its activities.

Our work

  • Promote and implement perpetrator programmes 
  • Develop a chatbot to inform women survivors of domestic violence on ways to get help and assistance
  • Conduct awareness-raising on domestic violence through campaigns and education programs for youth


The ISEDA project works to significantly enhance the fight against domestic violence on a European level and contribute to necessary robust, long-lasting structures to eliminate it.

Additional information

ISEDA was funded by the HORIZON EUROPE funding scheme - Civil Security for Society - Protection and Security, under the topic Domestic and sexual violence are prevented and combated


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Dimitra Mintsidis

Project & Development Manager, WWP EN