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Call for bids: Training for working with men using intimate partner violence: essential skills for groupwork facilitators in Albania

The European Network for the Work with Perpetrators of Domestic Violence (WWP EN) in collaboration with IAMANEH Switzerland are in the process of selecting the trainers for two Albanian organisations that are interested in developing skills for their service providers to set up and run groups for men using intimate partner violence. The counsellors of both organisations have been trained on individual counselling of men using intimate partner violence and have been working in this field since 2014. The organisations are now seeking to expand their service offers also to group counselling.

We are therefore looking for organisations with experience conducting group work (at least 4 years) and in training, willing to run a training program in Albania, help develop the templates for training, and provide the knowledge to enable the organisations to set up a perpetrator group program in Albania on a freelance basis.

The organisation:

  • Is experienced in the development and delivery of training in the field of work with perpetrators / domestic violence (at least 4 years’ experience)
  • Is experienced in the development and setting up of group work and training for facilitators of group work (at least 4 years)
  • Is experienced in the field of gender-based violence and work with perpetrators and has developed a victim safety model of work
  • Is experienced at developing templates that describe the content of the training (aim and goals, methodology, materials provided)
  • Is able and willing to work in close connection with the Berlin headquarters of WWP EN and IAMANEH Switzerland to liaison about the development of the training
  • Is willing to get familiar with the Albanian context regarding Work with Perpetrators and the approach used in Albania and develop a training based on the existing experience and the needs of the two organizations
  • Has trainers willing to travel for a five-day training to Albania
  • Has experience with European/international training, experience in a Southeastern European context is an asset
  • Has trainers who can communicate fluently in English
  • Has experience in supporting and setting up perpetrator programs and victim support

The training must include:

  • Working in/with groups (general groupwork skills)
  • Working with groups of perpetrators of domestic violence (specific groupwork skills)
  • A structured and manualized group model and must provide manual for participants in English (possibly at least 3 weeks before training begins)
  • Working with a victim safety model of practice
  • Risk assessment and evaluation of group work (IMPACT suggested, will be coordinated with WWP EN)
  • Training on the importance and process of co-gendered group facilitation (at the moment the organizations work with only male service providers, so this set up is not foreseen to be implemented in the present phase)
  • Training so that the organizations can set-up of a community-based group (one of the organizations runs individual treatment in the prison setting)
  • Ideas to increase number of self-referrals
  • Analysing existing documentation of referrals and self-referrals
  • Evaluation and assessment of training (to be developed with office of WWP EN and in coordination with IAMANEH)
  • Support for self-evaluation of participants

Main deliverables of the training:

  • 5 days in-person training in Albania
  • Training template (description of each day’s activity, objectives, goals of each segment of training, exercise, modules, handouts and detailed description of program)
  • Manual of group work in English to be delivered 3 weeks before the training (between 16-28 sessions of groups work for perpetrators, sessions must be ready to be delivered to perpetrators)
  • Assessment/Evaluation of training including a final report
  • Period of training shall be between June and August 2019

The selection process will be managed by WWP EN, but the contract will be handled directly by IAMANEH. The total available budget for the training (including preparatory work, training days, evaluation and travel time) is 5’000 EUR. Travel costs and accommodation can be charged separately. Only offers not exceeding this budget will be considered.

Only selected organizations will be re-contacted for further conversations.

How to participate to the bid

Organisations willing to provide the training must submit:

  1. Record of the organizations capability of delivering the training detailing the experience they have responding to all of requisites detailed in the organization field of this bid. 
  2. Template containing a training proposal including all the aspects outlined in bid
  3. One sample chapter of manual
  4. Proposal for evaluation
  5. Financial Offer

Deadline for the application is 30 May

Please send requested documents to: alessandra.pauncz(at)


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