Men in Care

Reducing barriers for men to become involved in care work

Men in Care (MiC) was a project of twelve national organisations from seven different European countries, which sought to reduce barriers for men who want to become involved in caring activities. MiC aimed to improve workplace conditions to promote men taking caring roles and assessed how policies and workplace cultures can change to enable men to become more active in caring for children, elderly, partners, co-workers and friends. Involving workers, trade unions, employers, and families, the project enabled men to take time to care for themselves and others.

Our work

  • Implement new workplace strategies to support men in sharing care responsibilities, which will serve as models for others
  • Share best practices for improved work-life-balance across countries and companies
  • Create of sustainable multi-level partnerships of stakeholders working for the promotion of Men in Care at European and national levels
  • Increase visibility of Men in Care
  • Improve working conditions (benefitting both employees and employers through reduced absenteeism, increased productivity and job satisfaction)


Key outcomes of the Men in Care project included the development of comprehensive guidelines and best practice toolkits aimed at organizations to foster more inclusive workplace cultures. The project also facilitated a series of training sessions and workshops, empowering male employees with the skills and confidence to embrace caregiving responsibilities without fear of professional repercussions. Furthermore, the project raised awareness about the importance of shared caregiving duties and contributing to a more equitable distribution of domestic responsibilities. 

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Dimitra Mintsidis

Project & Development Manager, WWP EN