Engagement of men on the move

The MOVE project aimed to eradicate violence against women and girls, including honour-related violence and oppression. It recognises the crucial role that men and boys play in violence prevention. The project focuses on enhancing the readiness and skills of frontline professionals and specialised perpetrator programme staff. Their goal is to effectively identify, refer, and work with male perpetrators of gender-based violence with a migration background. The approach is anti-racist, inclusive, and culturally sensitive, considering the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our work

  • Improve the knowledge and skills of frontline professionals in direct contact with potential male perpetrators through migration-related service provisions for identifying GBV, identifying available resources and paths for the referral of perpetrators, and acknowledging changed practices due to pandemic situations.
  • Strengthen the capacity of EU perpetrator programme professionals to effectively work with male perpetrators with a migrant background, including within the COVID-19 context.
  • Promote increased involvement from vital public institutions and stakeholders in preventing and addressing GBV perpetration within the migration context.


MOVE partners conducted a needs assessment in Belgium, Germany, Greece, Italy and Spain with all relevant stakeholders. The organisations developed, piloted and delivered training for frontline professionals, as well as  capacity building for perpetrator programs. Partners engaged public institutions and essential services by developing specific activities (roundtables, etc.) guidelines and recommendations.

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Launch of Project March 2022

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Launch of Guidance for Multiagency Collaboration December 2023

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