“Building a Stronger Future - Strategies and Practices to Establish Effective Coordinated Response to Address Domestic Violence”

At our online event on 19 April 2024, the project partners shared the ASAP 2.0 protocol and toolkit, essential for establishing a coordinated response to violence against women. Experts from the European projects Change, MARVOW 2.0 and TACTICS also showcased different models of coordinated response applied to different targets and systems.  

You can view the agenda and recording here.

The need for an effective collaboration between perpetrator programs and victim support services is one of the key strategies to prevent and tackle gender-based violence, and to address the increase in domestic violence due to the emergency situation caused by COVID. One of the main challenges faced by service providers during covid was that the shift to online work made it problematic to accurately identify and assess risk and protective measures for victims. Where collaboration between service providers and other stakeholders took place, it helped in developing constructive solutions to manage the cases.

It is in this context that the ASAP 2.0 project focuses on the prevention of gender-based violence by addressing masculinities and engagement of men and boys. This project is envisioned as a follow up to the ASAP project, and aims to increase the effectiveness of treatment programs for perpetrators through the implementation of a systemic approach that builds on ASAP’s experimental methodologies.

Our work

ASAP  2.0 will develop and upscale the work done within the project ASAP, and raise the capabilities of perpetrator programs, victim support services and relevant stakeholders to implement effective collaborations to improve treatment for perpetrators and reduce risks for victims.

The project will:

  • Train partners staff members, through mutual capacity building activities
  • Upgrade and improve existing tools to tackle cyberviolence, child-protection and covid-related issues, including a model for multi agency collaboration agreement 
  • Pilot the protocol in Italy, Bulgaria, Greece and Cyprus
  • Develop national capacity building programs aimed at upscaling the protocol in the countries involved
  • Disseminate on the topic among national and European stakeholders

The project will deliver upgraded tools for the collaboration between perpetrator programmes, victim support services and other services in English, German, Bulgarian, Greek and Italian and a capacity building program, replicable across the EU.



Project Team

The ASAP 2.0 project is developed by an international, interdisciplinary team consisting of:

  • UCPU, Una Casa per l’Uomo, NGO specialised in the prevention and combat of GBV and IPV and ASAP 2.0 Coordinator, Italy
  • Association NAIA, NGO in Targovishte region that aims to promote equal rights and opportunities for women and men in all spheres of economic and social life, Bulgaria
  • UWAH, NGO active in the promotion and protection of women’s and children rights; while also engaging with raising awareness and advocating for human rights at local, national and European level, Greece
  • APHVF/SPAVO, Association for the Prevention and Handling of Violence in the Family, is an NGO that provides support to victims and perpetrators of gender-based violence and awareness raising activities for the general public, Cyprus
  • WWP EN, the European Network for the Work with Perpetrators of Domestic Violence, Germany and Europe


Launch of Project May 2022

EN | BG | EL | IT | DE

Launch of ASAP 2.0 Protocol April 2024

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Get in touch

Dimitra Mintsidis – WWP European Network – d.mintsidis(at)work-with-perpetrators.eu


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