Final WWP IMPACT Project Conference

On October 21st and 22nd, Spanish and European speakers, pro-feminist men’s activists like Gary Barker (promundo, men engage) and more than 150 visiting experts from all across Europe participated in the final conference for the WWP Imact Outcome Monitoring Toolkit in Barcelona. As part of the “1st European Congress on the Evaluation of Programmes for Perpatrators of Domestic Violence” everybody gathered in the Espai Francesca Bonnemaison to celebrate the presentation of the Impact Outcome Monitoring Toolkit, a free-to-use print and online Toolkit to measure the outcomes and the impact of perpetrator work.

About the IMPACT project

The project "Evaluation of European Perpetrator Programmes" (IMPACT) explored current practices of evaluation of perpetrator programmes in Europe with the aim of synthesizing the discovered solutions towards a harmonisation of outcome monitoring. Therefore, a survey on outcome monitoring and programmes difficulties and needs related to it, was conducted. Additionally, an analysis of existing European evaluation studies as well as a possibility analysis for a multi-country European outcome research study enhanced European research on perpetrator programmes. The projects final products, a toolkit and good practice guidelines for outcome measurement, can be implemeted by programmes to improve their documentation quality. The results of the IMPACT project were presented at the final conference. The presentation of the results was accompanied by a comprehensive composition of round tables and keynote speakers of leading experts on the issues of masculinity and violence, domestic violence and perpetrator programmes.

Conference Agenda

Tuesday, October 21st, 2014

On the conference, there will be simultaneous translations from English to Castilian and vice versa.

8:00 - 9:00 Registration


9:00 - 9:45

Mireia Solsona(Deputy Executive of Education, Equality and Citizenship, Barcelona Provincial Council), Montserrat Gatell (President of the Catalan Women’s Institute), Ralf Puchert (Dissens, e.V., Coordinator of the IMPACT Project), Montserrat Plaza (President of Conexus)

Morning keynote: The Istanbul Convention as the new European standard for setting up domestic and sexual violence perpetrator programmes

9:45 - 10:30

Raluca Popa (Programme Advisor, Gender Equality Unit, Council of Europe)

The European Network for the Work with Perpetrators of Domestic Violence (WWP_EN)

10:30 - 11:00

Neil Blacklock (Chair WWP-EN; Respect, London) & Rosa Logar (Vice-Chair WWP-EN; WAVE, Vienna)

11:00 - 11:30 Coffee break

Panel presentation: the IMPACT project – main results

11:30 - 13:45

Facilitated by Ralf Puchert, IMPACT project coordinator

  • Introduction to the IMPACT project (Katarzyna Wojnicka, Dissens, e.V., Berlin)
  • Survey on outcome measurement (Heinrich Geldschläger, Conexus, Barcelona)
  • Overview on scientific evaluation studies (Marianne Hester and Sarah-Jane Lilley, University of Bristol)
  • Possibilities for a European multi-site evaluation (Christian Scambor, Männerberatung, Graz)
  • Toolkit for outcome measurement (Thangam Debbonaire, Respect, London)
  • Questions and discussion

13:45 - 15:00 Lunch break (catering on the venue)

Roundtable 1 - Spanish evaluation studies

15:00 - 16:30

Facilitated by Oriol Ginés, vice-president of Conexus.

  • Efficacy of the intervention with court-ordered perpetrators [Eficacia de la intervención con agresores de género en medidas penales alternativas] Meritxell Pérez (Autonomous University of Madrid) 
  • Three axes for evidence-based intervention for perpetrators: assessment tools, process evaluation and research designs [Tres ejes para la intervención con maltratadores basada en la evidencia: Instrumentos de medida, evaluación de proceso y diseños de investigación] Marisol Lila (University of Valencia) 
  • Evaluation, treatment context and therapist’s skills in domestic violence perpetrator programmes [Evaluación, contexto de tratamiento y habilidades del terapeuta en los programas dirigidos a hombres condenados por violencia de género] Santiago Boira (University of Zaragoza)
  • Questions and discussion

Roundtable 2 - The perspective of victim support services

16:30 - 17:30

Facilitated by Montserrat Plaza, president of Conexus

  • Impact of men’s programme participation on female partners, Leonor Cantera (Autonomous University of Barcelona)
  • Impact of men’s programme participation on children, Pepa Horno (Espirales: childhood consultancy) 
  • How do women experience being asked about their partner’s violence for a perpetrator programme or an evaluation study? Eha Reitelmann (Estonian Women's Shelters Union / WAVE) t.b.c.
  • Questions and discussion

17:30 - 18:00 Coffee break

Afternoon keynote: Caring Masculinities. Narratives of Overcoming Violence (Introduced by Álvaro Ponce, Conexus)

18:00 - 19:00

Gary Barker (MenEngage, Promundo)

Invitation to the “Men against gender-based violence” demonstration (Introduced by Álvaro Ponce, Conexus)

19:00 - 19:20

Paco Abril (Homes Igualitaris, Barcelona – Catalan Men for gender equality association), Jan Reynders (MenEngage Europa, Consultor Independent, Den Haag)

19:20 - 19:30 Closure

Participation in the traditional “Men against gender-based violence” demonstration in the heart of Barcelona (Plaça St. Jaume)

20:00 – 20:30

Expert Workshop

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014

The language of the expert workshop will be English only.

Welcome and introduction round

9:00 - 9:30

Feedback and reflections on the congress

 9:30 - 10:00

Work with Perpetrators in Spain: experiences from the last 15 years (1995-2010)

10:00 - 11:00

Victoria Ferrer (University of the Balearic Islands)

11:00 - 11:30 Coffee break

Testing the toolkit and feedback for the final revision

11:30 - 13:00

Thangam Debbonaire (Respect, London)

Possibilities for a European multi-site Evaluation: questions and comments

13:00 - 13:30

Christian Scambor (Männerberatung, Graz), Katarzyna Wojnicka (Dissens, Berlin)

13:30 – 15:00 Lunch


Project Team

IMPACT project team: Dissens e.V., (Berlin, Germany) as coordination; Askovgaarden (Copenhagen, Denmark); CONEXUS (Barcelona, Spain); Men's Counselling Centre (Graz, Austria); RESPECT (London, UK); University of Bristol (UK); WAVE (Vienna, Austria)

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