WWP Project - Results

The WWP Project had produced important outputs which lay the foundation for the successful work of the network.


As an important step in reaching this aim the project established an internet based database with detailed information about programmes working with male perpetrators of domestic violence in the EU.

The project partners conducted a survey with a standardised questionnaire in English, German, French and Spanish. The survey targeted institutions working or planning to work with male perpetrators of domestic violence based on a specific concept.


As a second step, the project intended to stimulate discussion on a European level about methodological and ethical requirements for responsible work, particularly with regard to the protection of victims of domestic violence and about necessary measures of documentation and evaluation.

For these reasons, the project prepared guidelines to develop standards for programmes working with male perpetrators of domestic violence, including important aspects regarding documentation and evaluation.

These products were developed through collaboration between the project partners and were discussed with international experts in the project's final workshop held on January 31st and February 1st 2008 near Berlin, Germany. The results of the final workshop are integrated into the documents you will find in the Resources section.

Last changed: 04.05.2022