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Evolve - DVPP

Programme Evolve - DVPP
Organisation Eve domestic abuse
Country United Kingdom
City Northamptonshire
Contact Mail michelleo(at)eve.org.uk
Phone +44 1604 230577
Website http://www.eveda.org.uk
Short Name GB_EVEV
Evaluation process in place
Training offers for practitioners
Work standards available
Work manuals available
Partner Contact
Partner Support
Follow up process in place
Parenting courses

Working with ...

  • Heterosexual male intimate partner violence
  • Same-sex intimate partner violence
  • Migrant perpetrators
  • Refugee perpetrators
  • Women using violence
  • Sexual offenders
  • Child abuse offenders

Support for ...

  • Female victims of domestic violence
  • Children
Organisation Type NGO/foundation/charity
Programme Location Urban area and Rural area
Programme started in the year 2017
Funding Sources
  • Private funds
Type of training offered
  • Heterosexual male domestic violence
  • Female victims/survivors
  • Risk management/systems
  • Minors victims/survivors
  • Referred by social services/child protection
  • Self-referred/voluntarily attending
  • Other sources
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)
  • "Duluth" type model (feminist-oriented)
  • Group work
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The WWP EN Programme Database aims at getting an overview of existing programmes working with perpetrators of domestic violence in Europe.

The basis for the database was developed during the IMPACT project in 2013. The results of this survey are documented in a Working Paper

Registering to the database is mandatory for programmes that want to use the IMPACT Online Toolkit.

Last changed: 13.04.2023