WWP EN Perpetrator Programme Database

Use the WWP EN Perpetrator Programme Darabase to find experts on work with perpetrators, as well as countless work with perpetrator programmes throughout Europe!

The WWP EN Database of Perpetrator Programmes brings together information on perpetrator programmes throughout Europe. To find partners for project applications or for studies, the database is a useful tool for practitioners and researchers.

But we hope this database is also helpful for men interested in joining a perpetrator programme or women looking for help.

If you want to make changes to the information on your programme or want us to add your programme to the database, please contact info[at]work-with-perpetrators.eu.

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Tretman počinioca nasilja u partnerskim odnosima

Short Name RS_CETR26
Programme Tretman počinioca nasilja u partnerskim odnosima
Organisation Centar za socijalni rad "Solidarnost" Kragujevac
Country Serbia
City Kragujevac
Contact Name Gordana Petronijević
Contact Mail savetovaliste(at)solidarnost.org.rs
Website www.solidarnost.org.rs
Cooperation with women's organisation
Evaluation process in place
Work standards
Work manuals available
Follow up process in place
Training offers for practitioners
Parenting courses

Working with ...

  • ... perpetrators in same-sex relationships
  • ... perpetrators under legal age (minors)
  • ... immigrant perpetrators
  • ... non-male perpetrators

Support for ...

  • Female victims of Domestic Violence
  • Male Victims of Domestic Violence
Programme started in the year2010
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The WWP EN Programme Database aims at getting an overview of existing programmes working with perpetrators of domestic violence in Europe.

The basis for the database was developed during the IMPACT project in 2013. The results of this survey are documented in a Working Paper

Registering to the database is mandatory for programmes that want to use the IMPACT Online Toolkit.

Last changed: 09.03.2018